PPC Management

Hyper-focused campaigns that succeed

We target users in buying mode and you reap the benefit with increase in sales. How? If done right, PPC can be the awesome. And you can harness that potential too. PPC platforms can drive traffic to your website immediately.

Because every click costs, optimising the click to conversion ratio is imperative. Our management services will fine tune your campaign for profit and performance. Spend less, earn more. We develop targeted campaigns that identify buyers that are ready to buy.

Why is PPC so profitable and effective?

Strategy can target potential customers at the right time with a carefully crafted PPC campaign. Data drives how we use keywords, messaging and strategic timing. We strive to understand your customer’s needs, intent, and emotional state that will move them to make a decision.



We remove underperforming keywords to improve your quality score, reduce your cost per click and raise your revenue. With PPC, the ad is usually turned on and left untended. But if you do that, it won’t yield the satisfactory returns, it’s simply not performing. We monitor, analyse and adjust your campaign to get results.

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PPC Management Service

Maximize value from your paid search with custom campaigns built on the best platforms for your business.

Google Adwords

Stop wasting money on non-converting visitors and get more customers. Make Google work harder for you.

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Bing Ads

Compete in an area your competition doesn’t. High performance Bing PPC allows you to spend less and convert more.


Stay front of mind with audiences most likely to buy and convert formerly ‘lost leads’ into customers through hyper-targeted remarketing

Transparent reporting

We should you what works and what doesn’t.  Unlike organic searches, PPC campaigns are very easy to measure.   Most PPC platforms collect statistics specific to your ad. We’ll distill this data into something that is usable and easy to read.


Your success

Business grows when your Adwords campaigns get ongoing management, not turning the ad on and leaving it.   By thorough testing, research and reporting, we deliver continually deliver relevant content and keywords that fit the latest onlines and adjustments in user behaviour.

PPC to Win

Proper PPC management will put you at the top of rankings, but it isn’t as simple as that. Not only are they visible and great for branding, they also are clicked - a lot. Nearly 65% of people searching for products or services that are ready to purchase, will click paid ads. If targeted specifically to an audience with a high chance of making a purchase (we do this research) a high proportion of those clicks will bring sales. In summary, a well planned PPC campaign will easily offset the cost of non-converting clicks.

PPC can launch your web visibility from near nothing to first page dominance. Local businesses benefit greatly from PPC geo specific targeting and for time-sensitive campaigns, short term ads are the ultimate in boosting your revenue


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